What Is The Least Expensive Way To Heat a Pool In Florida

Cost-Effective Pool Heater Options Choosing the best pool heater for your pool typically depends on your location and the number of cold days you’ll experience each year. Pool heaters are available in three different power source types; solar, electric and gas. Each of these different types of pool heaters typically works with vinyl liner, fiberglass, … Read more

Choosing The Best Type of Heater For Your Pool

Gas Versus Electric Pool Heaters The perfect pool is neither too hot nor too cold. A comfortable and enjoyable 77-85 degrees provides the optimal experience but depending on where you live and what your climate is, keeping a continuous temperature throughout the summer season, or even all year long, will likely require heating your pool. … Read more

Gas Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

Choosing The Best Gas Pool Heater Pool Heaters can provide a constant temperature for your pool so anytime is perfect to hop in for a swim or a soak. The quality of gas heaters on the market varies, and sometimes, the best-known brands don’t provide the best value. It’s important to consider things like the … Read more