Gas Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

Choosing The Best Gas Pool Heater

Pool Heaters can provide a constant temperature for your pool so anytime is perfect to hop in for a swim or a soak. The quality of gas heaters on the market varies, and sometimes, the best-known brands don’t provide the best value. It’s important to consider things like the amount of BTUs a gas heater produces before purchasing one. To find out what size heater you need, find out the pools surface area and divide it by 3 to get the proper BTU size recommended.

Do Gas Pool Heaters Heat Water Faster Than Electric Pool Heaters?

Pool gas heaters generally have high BTU ratings, meaning that they raise water temperature quicker than any other type. This is perfect for cooler climates because they can heat pools in cold weather in a short amount of time. Compared to a electric pool heater.

Electric pool heater BTUs for residential get up around 150 BTUs. Gas heaters for residential get upward to 400 BTUs. This will make the pool heat much quicker and give you more enjoyable time. Gas heaters are great for spas that require a higher temperature.