How Much Does An Air Conditioner Cost

If you’re looking to replace your air conditioner, you’re probably wondering how much the replacement will cost. In this article, we will break down the factors that will affect the cost of an air conditioner.

Cost of an Air Conditioner Replacement

The cost of replacing your air conditioner in a home can range between $4,300-$13,000 in Florida. This will include equipment, parts, labor, permits and fees. The cost range covers different name brand systems and sizes along with seer rating and different climate controls options.

The following factors that will affect the price of your air conditioner replacement include:

  • Capacity and power of the system 1.5-5 ton unit.
  • Efficiency 14-26 SEER
  • Installation costs
  • Tax Credits and rebates

Air conditioning units typically fall into the following categories:

  • Entry level air conditioners offer single stage cooling. They start at 14-16 SEER and depending on brand and features can cost between $4,300-$8,500
  • Mid-range air conditioners offer two-stage cooling. They have increased efficiency. These units can be great to save money on electric and improve the cost of the home for resale value. These units cost between $6,500-$10,000 depending on brand and features.
  • High end air conditioners offer variable speed cooling. They control your climate the best to ensure it stays within 1 degree of the set temperature and prevents wasteful spending on electric. This type of AC unit will only run at the capacity needed for the moment instead of the entry level unit that only runs using 100% power and can be costly when it comes to power usage.

Savings After Replacing Air Conditioner

Customers have saved up to and over $100 a month on their electric bill when purchasing a high-end air conditioner. These units cost between $9,000-$13,000.

Why Are Air Conditioning Systems More Expensive Now?

Costs associated with installing a brand new air conditioner have changed over the years due to:

  • Inflation
  • Cost of materials and manufacturing parts
  • Regulatory standards that change
  • Installation companies have increased labor rates and over head

Do AC Companies Offer Financing?

Ask the company providing you the quote for replacing your AC system if they offer financing. Most air conditioning companies will finance an air conditioning system through a 3rd party to help the customer purchase the best unit for their home and needs. Companies like Synchrony offer credit options so you can finance your new air conditioning unit by making monthly payments instead of paying cash upfront.