Which AC Brand Is Best For Commercial Use?

Choosing the best AC brand for commercial use is an easy choice to make when you trust the professionals at First Degree Air Conditioning. We work on different air conditioning brands and we know which ones work well and which ones tend to not do so well keeping businesses cool during the hot months.

Best HVAC System For Commercial Use

There are 3 brands of HVAC systems we recommend for commercial air conditioners. American Standard, Rheem and Goodman are great manufacturers who provide reliable commercial AC systems in South Florida. Picking the best unit for your business depends on the cooling requirements of the building. Talk with your AC installation technician about the pros and cons of each system before making your final decision.

American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard is made in assembled in America. These units come off the line in different parts of the country. American standard is on top of the list for commercial units being sold in South Florida today. They are true and tested over the last 30 years. They make chillers to package units and even light commercial split systems. These parts are easy to come by and have great customer service. That’s why we recommend using American Standard air conditioning units. These units are more expensive than others. They come with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem is the next manufacturer on our list for Best Air Conditioning Brands For Commercial Use. If you’re looking for the newest technologies in your HVAC unit, Rheem could be the right brand for you. Rheem’s units can give you a higher level of control over your cooling system. Thanks to their onboard diagnostic system and their sturdy construction. That’s what makes them highly durable against the elements. Rheem also offers excellent warranties, which can make it easier to maintain your unit and more accessible to adopt the latest technologies for your building.

Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman is another brand that is popular among building owners looking to save money. Goodman units are generally reliable and offer excellent customer service. However, they are not as efficient as some of the other higher-end competitors in the market. Goodman units are used all over the country and have parts readily available. This makes it easy for your air conditioning technician to get parts quickly. Goodman has the best parts warranty in the industry. They give a 5 years parts warranty on their commercial units. With the lower price point and the better warranty, this makes goodman a good buy.

Best AC Systems For Commercial Use

All three brands we mentioned above are considered reliable air conditioners. These manufacturers provide the best air conditioner systems for commercial business use. American Standard, Rheem and Goodman all have good availability meaning there is no shortage of air conditioning units or replacement parts for repairs. What we like best about these AC manufacturers is they all offer great customer service. That is why we recommend these units as our top 3 HVAC systems for South Florida businesses.