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Best Way To Clean An Air Conditioner In The Spring

Best Way To Clean An Air Conditioner In The Spring

Your air conditioning system needs annual cleaning and maintenance to function at its best. Whether you decide to clean your HVAC unit yourself or call a professional for help, the best way to clean your air conditioning system is simple.

Tips For Cleaning Your Central AC

If you prefer to clean your AC coils, a spray is sold at home supply stores specifically for coil cleaning. This spray will temporarily clean the coils, but professional cleaning is often recommended because only professionals have the tools to clean the coils properly, ensuring that all the dirt is removed.

Replace Air Filters

Replacing AC filters is crucial for maintaining indoor air quality. Dirty filters restrict airflow, decreasing efficiency and potentially leading to system strain. Frequent replacement ensures proper functioning, improved energy efficiency, and a healthier environment.

Check Outside AC Units

An imperative but straightforward step in spring cleaning your AC unit is to check all outside units. If you see any leaves, dirt, branches or other debris on the exterior team, you can easily hose them off or use a leaf blower to blow away debris.

Unclog AC Drain Links

To unclog your AC drain lines, start by connecting a shop vac to the exterior drain line and suck the water and other debris out. After vacuuming the outer drain line, put algae tablets on the pan to help prevent slime from accumulating.

When To Call A Professional AC Company For AC Cleaning

In cases of an extremely dirty or neglected AC unit, it may be best to call a professional for spring cleaning. You can tell it may be time to call for help if you notice that you must remove any panels or parts to clean the unit if the refrigerant line is leaking or the team has low freon levels.