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When Is The Best Time To Have Major AC Repairs Done?

When Is The Best Time To Have Major AC Repairs Done?

Ideally, your local air conditioner professional prefers to work in cooler weather to perform major AC repairs and HVAC jobs. The summer months may become potentially dangerous for a person to spend long hours in a hot attic. Not all, but some companies will not do ductwork and other services during the hot summer months because they are hesitant to put their employees at risk of heat stroke and other medical problems caused by overheating inside a hot attic.

The companies that perform major HVAC repairs may charge more money due to the liability and the circumstances overall. For this reason, it is recommended that major AC repairs should be scheduled during cooler seasons.

Scheduling HVAC Repairs

Any Floridian knows the importance of having a smoothly functional HVAC system to be cool and comfortable during hot months to combat the consistent year-round heat. In the Sunshine State, the stress of the hot, humid and salty climate significantly strains your HVAC system and forces it to work overtime all year round.

Typically, you want to avoid scheduling a major HVAC repair in Florida due to the excruciating heat and companies that will charge a good deal to compensate for the liability of the hot working conditions. That is why regular maintenance and exceptional service are recommended to keep your system running at its full potential to avoid major, costly emergency repairs.

Installing a New Central Air Conditioning System

Installing a new central air conditioning system is usually recommended if your unit is over ten years old. Old AC systems have a greater chance of components withering with age, eventually resulting in needing more repairs.

When deciding to install a new air conditioner, remember to factor in the cost of future repairs if you keep your original HVAC unit. Fixing a condenser is extremely expensive, especially if the AC system is over ten years old. You’ll end up spending more money if and when the condenser breaks down again.

Another reason for replacing an old central air conditioning system is the amount of money you’ll save on your electric bill. Modern units are specifically designed to be more cost-effective than older HVAC systems. High-efficiency units will also lower your utility bill.

Replacing or Fixing AC Ductwork

Believe it or not, AC ducts are important to your unit’s performance and air quality in your home. Your ducts must be properly maintained, cleaned and kept in good condition. The cost of replacing or repairing your AC ducts can vary widely depending on the company you call. Many factors contribute to deciding to replace or repair your ducts.

Having your ducts repaired by a professional can be a quick remedy; however, you may still have cracks and holes in your old ducts, leaving them inefficient. If your ducts are 15 years or older, it’s time to consider replacing them.

Choosing The Right Time To Fix Your Air Conditioner

The best time to fix major issues on your air conditioner system is generally at the beginning of fall and spring when the weather is more tolerable. To avoid expensive HVAC repairs, it is imperative to follow up with a professional to perform regular maintenance, especially if you live in Florida’s hot, humid climate. Most importantly, it is essential to understand the basic elements of maintaining and servicing your HVAC system to ensure that your unit will run at its maximum efficiency, leaving you avoiding any costly repairs.