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Swimming Pool Heaters

Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

First Degree Air Conditioning provides pool heater repair and installation services. Our expertise ensures your pool stays comfortably heated throughout the year. We offer top-notch pool heat pump repair to keep your pool water at the perfect temperature. Our skilled technicians can install electric and gas pool heating systems. Don’t forget that maintaining your pool heater is essential for creating a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience in the cooler months.

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We Repair, Replace or Install Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters in Palm Beach County For Residential and Commercial Customers

Need your swimming pool or spa heater repaired? We diagnose and repair heat pumps from brands like Jandy, Hayward, Raypak, and Pentair. We also replace existing pool heaters that no longer work and install new pool heat pumps to warm up your swimming pool.

First Degree Air Conditioning provides expert pool and spa heater repair services. Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair problems promptly to ensure efficient heating and proper water temperature control. We’ll address various issues, such as:

  • Refrigerant Leaks or Defrosting Issues
  • Faulty Igniters or Wiring
  • Compressor Failure or Fan Motor Problem
  • Malfunctioning Thermostats or Sensor Issues
  • Water Flow Problems or Clogged Filters

Having us make repairs quickly will prevent further damage and costly replacements. By entrusting your pool and spa heater repairs to us, we’ll prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool’s heating equipment.

A pool heater replacement is needed when your existing heat pump is outdated, inefficient, or experiencing significant mechanical issues. Upgrading to a new heat pump will provide optimal heating capabilities, reduced energy consumption, and lower operational costs. 

Before we install a new pool heat pump, our technicians assess your pool’s specific requirements and recommend a suitable replacement unit based on size, energy efficiency, and performance. Our pool heater replacement process involves removing the old unit, installing the new heat pump, and ensuring proper electrical connections and system integration.

We provide in-ground pool heater installation services whether you need an electric or a propane gas pool heat pump. Our experienced pool heater installers ensure the proper sizing and placement of the heater to meet your specific pool requirements.

For electric heat pumps, we handle electrical connections and optimize system integration. In the case of propane gas heat pumps, we utilize technicians from a trusted company to help install gas lines and ensure safe fuel connections.

With our expert installation services, the new pool heat pump will maximize energy efficiency and enhance the overall swimming experience in your inground pool.

Regularly maintaining your pool heat pump can prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan, saving you money in the long run. Pool heater maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of the heat pump.

Pool heater maintenance services include inspections, cleaning, and checks to ensure proper operation. Our technicians examine the heat exchanger, electrical connections, and controls, addressing potential issues.

We also recommend routine maintenance involving filter cleaning or replacement, monitoring refrigerant levels, and inspecting gas lines for gas-powered heaters.

Heat Pumps For Pool and Spa

Our company specializes in providing efficient heat pump solutions for pools and spas. Our expertise in heat pump technology ensures that your swimming pool water remains at the perfect temperature. Whether you need a new installation or require timely repairs, our skilled technicians are here to deliver reliable and cost-effective services to keep your aquatic amenities running smoothly.

Energy Efficient Pool Heaters

Energy-efficient pool heat pumps optimize energy consumption, offering cost savings while effectively heating your swimming pool or spa to a desired temperature. 

  • Rheem
  • Pentair
  • Jandy
  • Hayward
  • Raypak
  • Waterco
  • Gulfstream
  • AquaCal
  • Heat Siphon
  • HydroRoyal
  • AquaPro


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Our air conditioning installation services are affordable, and our installers are friendly. Before we help you choose the correct size AC system for your home or business, we will assess your current system, ductwork, indoor air comfort, energy savings and air quality needs. You’ll save money when you choose our company to install a new HVAC system from your choice of air conditioner manufacturers that matches your budget and cooling needs.

Regular AC tune-up are needed for optimal HVAC system performance and longevity. Our team of professional AC technicians help identify and resolve potential issues to ensure efficient operation. Our AC tune-up services include inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of components, as well as filter replacement. We can also provide recommendations for HVAC system improvements and offer valuable advice on maximizing comfort and minimizing energy consumption.

Our HVAC technicians will repair your existing heating equipment or help you select a new system that fits your budget. After inspecting your central heater, we’ll provide professional central heating system repair, installation and maintenance service.

We install, repair and service ductless mini-split AC systems. These compact-sized air conditioner units can accommodate individual room cooling and do not require ductwork like central forced air systems. We can install mini-split systems suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, or to hang on a wall.

Replacing your old HVAC system with a high efficiency heating and cooling system offers several benefits. Installing an ENERGY STAR certified systems, provides substantial cost savings. These systems deliver optimal comfort by maintaining consistent temperatures and humidity levels. They also improve indoor air quality by effectively filtering pollutants. Advanced technologies, like programmable thermostats and zoned heating/cooling, enhance control and customization.

Upgrading your old thermostat is a cost-effective way to optimize comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Newer thermostats ensure a more consistent and even indoor temperature. Compatibility with smartphones, home automation systems and voice assistants allows you to adjust temperatures remotely and create personalized settings.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) systems for air conditioners help maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. These systems, installed alongside your central AC unit, filter and purify indoor air, reducing pollutants, allergens, and odors. Installing IAQ systems will also prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system. By using advanced filtration and ventilation capabilities, these systems ensure clean and fresh indoor air.

HVAC Maintenance Plans And Service Contract

We encourage residential and commercial customers in South Florida to sign up for our HVAC maintenance plans to save money on air conditioner equipment services. Our air conditioning service contract is affordable and ensures your equipment is thoroughly checked twice a year to keep it operating efficiently. Regular servicing of your air conditioning system helps extend the life and efficiency of the central air conditioner.

We Service and Repair Popular AC Unit Brands

Installation and Warranty Repairs for Air Conditioner Manufacturers

First Degree Air Conditioning is an authorized RHEEM dealer in South Florida. However, our HVAC technicians work on all brands of air conditioners. No matter the manufacturer, we can service and repair it. You can also get a brand new AC unit installed by expert installers.

You have various HVAC systems from popular manufacturers like Goodman, Trane, Lennox, York and Carrier. These air conditioning systems provide long-lasting performance with less energy consumption. All new AC systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty.


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Residential Air Conditioning

Our priority is keeping your home cool year-round. We offer expert service for your central heating and cooling system.

First Degree Air Conditioning HVAC technicians provide routine AC maintenance, repair, installation and air quality products for homeowners in South Florida. We proudly offer our customers competitive pricing without sacrificing service quality.

Pool Heater Repair and Replacement West Palm Beach

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial HVAC equipment is larger and more complex than residential ACs. Our techs are adequately trained to service these specialized systems.

We offer repair, maintenance and installation of commercial heating and cooling systems for South Florida businesses. Duct repair or replacement services and indoor air quality products are also available.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services West Palm Beach