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Reasons Why Your Home's Central Heating System Is Not Working

Reasons Why Your Home Heating System Is Not Working

Finding out your central heating system is not working when cold weather arrives is extremely frustrating. To prevent such breakdowns, this is why HVAC companies highly recommend you service your air conditioning and heating system a minimum of twice a year. You’ll want to have it professionally serviced at the beginning of the fall season to ensure your system will warm up the house and during springtime to ensure your AC will run cold during the summer.

How To Diagnose A Heater Problem

When a central heater stops working in the winter and leaves your home cold, it’s best to have the HVAC system checked out by a professional AC technician to pinpoint the problem. They will run a series of checks to figure out what is causing your heater not to blow any warm air through the vents.

Heater Not Working, But My AC Is Blowing Cold Air

The reason why your air handler stops blowing hot air may be due to a defective heating element. Another issue that can cause your central heating system to break down is drain lines that have become blocked by mold growth or sediment.

Why Is My Heater Not Blowing Hot Air?

The most common reason home heating systems stop working is a lack of proper maintenance. When your heater is not getting proper airflow, it can cause your heating system to overheat and shut down. Heaters can break down if air can’t flow through due to a dirty AC filter or the inner elements within the unit becoming clogged.

What To Check If Central Heat Is Not Working?

You can do a few things to get the heating unit to start working on your own before calling an HVAC company in South Florida. The first is to make sure someone didn’t turn it off. The next is to check the main fuse box in your home to see if it was tripped. Reset the fuse by flicking it to the on position. If the power supply is not the problem, check your filter to ensure it is not clogged with dust and dirt. If your heating unit runs on gas, check your home’s propane tank level to make sure it isn’t low or empty.