South Florida Commercial Air Conditioning Companies

If you own any type of business or commercial building, you are more than likely familiar with commercial a/c systems and services. Because commercial HVAC systems tend to consist of multiple units that are larger and more complex than residential units, it’s important that you hire a company with commercial a/c experience. Having a company that you use regularly can also be beneficial when problems occur that need attention immediately.

What to Look for in a Commercial HVAC Company

Whether your business is in Palm Beach, Martin or Broward county, finding a commercial air conditioning service that you can trust is necessary. Most businesses in South Florida run their air practically nonstop, year round. Knowing your system is being properly maintained for the comfort of your employees and customers can give business owners peace of mind. The relationship that is created with the a/c company becomes invaluable especially when your air quits working. It’s comforting to know that you can pick up the phone and a tech will be dispatched right away.

Do They Offer Specialized Commercial A/C Services?

Be careful of companies that claim they can handle large systems and big accounts but only have residential technicians. You want to look for a company with dedicated commercial HVAC services. The principles of residential and commercial systems are the same but that’s where the similarities end. An HVAC technician that only has a residential air background will be lost when it comes to commercial equipment. Most commercial HVAC techs are well-versed in a variety of brands and system types but you can always request someone with specific  knowledge of your system type.

Up-Front Estimates Are Provided

When you are a manager or business owner, the cost of everything is always a priority. Know what you will be charged before you sign on the dotted line for any repairs or installations. Make sure any documents you sign spell out exactly what is included in the price so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

Emergency Commercial HVAC Services

Knowing your a/c company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is invaluable as a business owner. You might not think you’ll need those services but not all emergencies happen during regular business hours. In order to not lose customers, products or damage sensitive equipment, it’s important to know that your air conditioning service will respond quickly to your situation. After hours service calls may also benefit your business as repairs can be made when the building is empty and not disrupt customers or daily operations.

Building a Relationship with Your Commercial Cooling & Heating Company

When you own a business, the last thing you want to do is scramble to find an air conditioning company that can fix your problem. The best solution is to research local service providers to find one you feel you can rely on and use them for regular maintenance. Over time, a relationship is built. The technicians become familiar with your HVAC equipment, the location of all components and how you prefer services to be handled. When an emergency arises, you know that your issue will be handled immediately by someone with commercial experience and first-hand knowledge of your specific system.